Racing Fuels & Lubricants

Valor Oil supplies performance racing teams with Renegade Racing Fuels & Lubricants and Monster Racing Fuels. We blend these fuels and oils using supreme chemical technology that will protect your investment and give you the ultimate winning edge.


Whether you race stock cars, drag cars, sports cars, motorcycles, karts, ATV’s snowmobiles or boats, we have the right fuel for your application.

Renegade Racing Fuels

Renegade Racing Fuels offer high-performance fuels for all types of racing: on and off-road, straight-line, water, and snow. Renegade has an extensive line of fuels for all types of racing. Renegade Branded Racing Oils are the best oils for methanol & racing fuel that you will ever run! These oils provide the ultimate in lubrication technology, specifically designed to lubricate competition engines which run alcohol or higher octane fuels to provide winning performance and strong protection from wear and high temperatures. Learn more about Renegade Racing Fuels & Lubricants at

Monster Fuels

Monster Fuels offer a wide variety of racing fuels and oxygenated fuels that are blended with top quality base components and designed to give you the ultimate winning edge. Monster Fuels are “The Official Fuel of Grass Roots Racers!” Learn more about Monster Racing Fuels at