For additional convenience Valor Oil offers Comfuel, a comprehensive service to help with the fuel management of your fleet. Comfuel’s automated fuel sites are available to our customers any time, day or night. Comfuel cards offer secure access whenever needed, with no need to give employees cash to purchase fuel for your vehicles.

Comfuel includes numerous local fueling sites and more than 30,000 fueling sites across the United States.

A Deterrent To Theft

Profits can be lost due to employee theft. Our comprehensive reporting gives you the tools you need to detect and stop this problem. It tells you who, when, where and what vehicle was fueled. Your miles per gallon and fuel usage report will indicate when there is a potential loss of fuel.

Quality Assurance

Comfuel sites dispense only quality products. Our premium diesel fuel has additives to help boost the cetane, increasing fuel economy and performance. When the weather turns cold, we use a winter additive to prevent gelling.

Personal Service

Whether you need a new card, site information, need to lock out a card or have a billing question, you will be able to talk with a friendly Comfuel representative who is familiar with your account and will work with you to answer your questions.

Change Poor Fuel Management Into Profit

Comfuel accurately measures and records every gallon of motor fuel purchased. Our reporting system is invaluable for completing highway use forms and tax returns. No more adding separate tickets to report your usage.

Reduced EPA Liability and Product Loss

With Comfuel you can reduce fuel cost associated with spillage, shrinkage and evaporation, equipment cost, maintenance of pumps, etc. and eliminate fuel tank storage for reduced EPA liability and insurance.

Local Sites

Our local sites are bus and tractor trailer friendly no need to worry about unnecessary traffic risk while filling up.