Disaster Relief


Our bulk plants have generator backup.

Be prepared when a natural disaster strikes. Valor Oil provides emergency fuel management services that can keep your operation running when people most need it.

Unfortunately, natural disasters don’t often come with fair warning. You need to be prepared for any type of crisis. Valor Oil can help you develop an emergency fuel management plan and – should the need arise – execute that plan under trying circumstances.

  • Generator-powered bulk facilities so you can fuel your equipment (Comfuel Customer Exclusive; Onroad DSL, Offroad DSL, Kerosene, Gas)
  • Exclusive contracts that enable us to acquire fuel from terminals when other unbranded buyers get locked out.
  • Supply coming in from terminals more than 200 miles away. We will keep you running even if a widespread disaster hits.
  • Fuel Storage – Valor has hundreds of thousands of gallons of storage. We stay prepared for that 100-year storm.

Contact us today so that we can work together to assess your fuel needs and determine a plan of action for nearly any emergency situation.