Onsite Delivery

Valor Oil will bring fuels to your site and fill your vehicles or equipment whenever is best for your workflow – morning, daytime, evening or night.

Our conscientious drivers deliver Unleaded, Premium Unleaded, Ethanol blended gas, Diesel, Off Road Diesel, and Bio Diesel. Our modern vehicles have advanced metering systems to assure the customer that gallons delivered match gallons invoiced. All of our tractors, trailers, hoses, and fittings are maintained to the highest standards in the industry.


  • FULL SERVICE – Valor can provide Fuels, Lubes, DEF, and Fuel Additives directly to your facility.
  • MAINTENANCE – Onsite fueling gives you a sense of mind so you know what products are going in your tanks. No more worrying about chasing engine problems due to product integrity.
  • NO WORRIES – Wireless tank monitoring allows us to keep your tanks full so you never have to check the gauges. Feel confident that you always have product.
  • LUBRICANTS SAMPLING – Use our oil sampling program to monitor your trucks and maximize your preventative maintenance plan.
  • LESS INSURANCE LIABILITY – Onsite tanks mean your trucks are no longer in dangerous situations at small convenience stores. Chances of collisions with vehicles or people are reduced.
  • SIMPLIFIED ACCOUNTING – One invoice for all of your needs instead of multiple varying product cost receipts.