July 2018 – Why should someone come to work at Valor.

In 2015 we asked employees to tell us why someone should come to work for Valor. We asked them what they would tell their friends and family. Below are some of the responses we received. We believe our employees are our greatest asset and there is no one better to tell you why you should consider working for us. – Josh Emmick, Co-Owner

Dawn Peveler – Hired 1990
“We are able to be not only coworkers but friends. We can hear about and be a part of our coworkers personal lives which helps us to work better together because we care about each other.
We have a welcoming attitude towards new employees. We try to include, visit with and get to know our newly hired people.
Our bosses doors have always been open to us. Which is extremely important to me. Whether it’s my immediate supervisor or Gary or Josh. I feel like they are interested and always listen to everyone’s ideas and concerns. I have never been made to feel like my issue was not important.
And above all, of course I love my job! Probably the reason I have been here so long.“

Tencie Estes – Hired 1990
“Ironic that you should send this out as I was having a conversation with Debbie, who came in just as Hillary and Lisa were changing Ryker’s diaper, and she remarked “this is such a fun place to work! Babies and puppies!. “
So here is my list.
1) Family atmosphere with employees who respect and care for one another both personally and professionally.
2) Company appreciates and values employees’ work ethics and ideas and are very fairly compensated for their efforts.
3) Company is well respected in the community as well as the business world.
4) Every day is a challenge, never boring!
The average years of service, as evidenced by the Hall of Fame, pretty much tells the story.”

Haley Huskisson – Hired 1994
“Here are some of my reasons that I LOVE to work here:
• Family oriented… I feel like I am part of one big family. It’s like being in one of your favorite spots and feeling in your “comfort zone”.
• I am made to feel that I am a big part of this company. Not just as an employee but like it is “mine”. I want to make it a successful. It makes me want to give 110% or more to what I do in taking care of our customers and how we spend money.
• A company that is awesome at giving back to its employees. Again, makes you want to give 110% or more of “you” to your job.
• People… some of the most dedicated people work here. Look at how many years some of the employees have been here. That speaks for itself. You won’t find better people to work with. People are genuinely concerned about you and your family.”

Derek Boarman – Hired 2002
I am biased because of my upbringing but here is my list.
Why someone should work here:
• Family owned and operated. Valor is company that not only treats it employees like family but cares about the individual employees family members. Valor has been there for my family in my darkest of times (when I lost everything in our house fire) and in my happiest of times (wedding and birth of my kids).
• Upper management is supportive and encourages everyone. I have never had someone tell me no when I wanted to learn something new that didn’t directly have to do with my job. If I asked questions, they were answered. Every time I talked about wanting to move forward in my career, whether that be moving from the warehouse to an oil route or fuel route or wanting to move into management, I was meet with encouragement and confidence that I could achieve what I wanted to do.
• Valor Oil wants ALL of its employees to achieve their professional goals and is willing to invest in their employees. I have personally had Valor invest in me with training for management and other areas of the company. i.e. INCAB.

Chris Bruner – Hired 2014
“Here is what I would tell friends of mine if they asked why should they come to work for Valor.
More than just a job…..It’s a FAMILY and they truly takes an interest in me and my FAMILY
Opportunity to advance…..They provide you with the tools and training to grow in product knowledge as well as grow your pay
Access to the Owners on a daily basis and they can be reached 24/7 if need be. (Not very common these days and that means a ton)
Each and every employee takes ownership of what they do and they truly care about what they do and there is a PRIDE that come with saying you work for Valor Oil
This is truly how I feel and I appreciate my job here at Valor and I appreciate all that Valor does to help me provide for my family on a daily basis. Thank you for the opportunity to work for such an awesome company!”

Brett Bailey – Hired 2015
I would have to say that the main point that really got my interest in Valor was my father speaking so highly of the Emmick family. Once I became part of this company, I have really found that how the Emmick’s treat everyone here to be very true of what my father told me, and I no longer feel like a number as I once did at previous employers. The family aspect is defiantly true but the altogether team work that goes on is wonderful and I see that when you ask another employee for help they go out of their way to help you. I also feel that this company is actually my own even though I know it is not, but it is the first time that I have felt that way about any job. Another thing that I had never gotten from a direct manager was a thank you and my manager always say thanks for things even though I am just doing my job. It is really the small things that we do and say that really drives people to work harder as they feel appreciated in the job that they do. I had a regional director from my previous employer say to me, “go and try and find a better job” and I really wish I could rub this job in his face because it is better!! Thanks, again for giving me this opportunity to work for your family and be a part of this team.