Valor employee drops 410' to raise money for scholarships

Sept 2013

Brave the Blue: An Educating Experience

Valor Oil recently won at auction the opportunity to “Brave the Blue” building in downtown Lexington – the proceeds of the auction will benefit the newly-formed KPMA Educational Scholarship, and the event benefited the Boy Scouts of America. Derek Boarman of Valor Oil rappelled the 410-foot building this week on behalf of Valor. Derek was joined in the endeavor by KPMA Executive Director Brian Clark. Congratulations guys! You Braved the Blue!


Special thanks to Valor Oil for being the first contributor to the KPMA Educational Scholarship. KPMA would also like to thank fellow donor Lykins Oil for their generous contribution. If you would like more information about the KPMA Educational Scholarship program, contact Brian.


Valor Oil would like to thank Derek Boarman for his hard work in 2013. He was voted among his peers for the opportunity at this adrenaline rush. Derek has worked very hard in 2013 to gain new certifications under his CDL. We are proud to have him as a part of our family.

Derek and his dad, Daryl. Daryl was a former plant manager for Valor and longtime friend.

DerekBoarman2 DerekBoarman3 DerekBoarman4