Valor Oil Purchases Miller Oil Company in Louisville, KY

Feb 2014 – Valor Oil purchases Miller Oil Company of Louisville, KY Owensboro, KY – 28 February, 2014 Valor Oil announces the purchase of Louisville based Miller Oil Company’s assets effective March 1, 2014. “Miller Oil operations, customer base, and employees fit with Valor Oil’s current operations very well”, says Valor Oil President Gary Emmick.

Miller Oil Company, Inc. was formed in 1977 by Charles Miller. Corporate offices are located at 4504 Bells Lane, Louisville, Kentucky.Throughout the past thirty-seven years they have acquired four competitive oil jobber companies, purchased and developed five convenience stores, and purchased and operated two full service Marathon branded service stations. Miller services retail fueling stations with unbranded, Gulf, and Marathon fuels. The commercial side provides lubricants and fuels to a wide range of businesses in the greater Louisville area.

Valor Oil is a 3rd generation family owned company based in Owensboro, Kentucky, and is a full-line petroleum distributor. Valor will now have physical presence in Owensboro, Bowling Green, and Louisville, Kentucky. Their services provide fuel, additives, lubricants, racing fuels and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) – as well as innovative, cost-saving services – to gas stations, convenience stores, and a wide variety of businesses in the commercial, industrial, marine, mining and farming sectors in Kentucky, Central Tennessee, Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois. With products ranging from a full line of Chevron and private label lubricants, to top tier branded gas, to high-performance racing fuels and oils, Valor Oil has become one of the premier fuel and lubricant distributors in the region.

“We at Valor Oil can’t tell you how excited we are to have this opportunity to continue the work of such a well-respected and well ran company. The Louisville facility will add a strategic piece to our marketing plan. I want to personally than Mr Miller for selecting the Emmick family to carry on his dream.” say’s Vice President Josh Emmick. “We will be able to provide the Louisville market with more product offerings and more job opportunities”. – Gary Emmick President Valor Oil LLC. Contact information: Josh Emmick Vice President of Wholesale

Merry Christmas from Valor Oil

We want to wish all of our customers, vendors, friends, and family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Enjoy your time with your families. God Bless. Christ_Card_2010 (3)-1

Valor is growing again…..2 Plant Manager positions available

Oct 2013 – In an effort to mesh all of our plants logistics together we have moved one plant manager up to a General Manager of Plant Operations. Valor now has 2 plant manager positions available. The plants are located in Owensboro, KY and Bowling Green, KY. Feel free to email job resumes to or go through career builder. Below is a general description for both positions.

Plant Manager - OB

Valor employee drops 410' to raise money for scholarships

Sept 2013

Brave the Blue: An Educating Experience

Valor Oil recently won at auction the opportunity to “Brave the Blue” building in downtown Lexington – the proceeds of the auction will benefit the newly-formed KPMA Educational Scholarship, and the event benefited the Boy Scouts of America. Derek Boarman of Valor Oil rappelled the 410-foot building this week on behalf of Valor. Derek was joined in the endeavor by KPMA Executive Director Brian Clark. Congratulations guys! You Braved the Blue!


Special thanks to Valor Oil for being the first contributor to the KPMA Educational Scholarship. KPMA would also like to thank fellow donor Lykins Oil for their generous contribution. If you would like more information about the KPMA Educational Scholarship program, contact Brian.


Valor Oil would like to thank Derek Boarman for his hard work in 2013. He was voted among his peers for the opportunity at this adrenaline rush. Derek has worked very hard in 2013 to gain new certifications under his CDL. We are proud to have him as a part of our family.

Derek and his dad, Daryl. Daryl was a former plant manager for Valor and longtime friend.
Derek and his dad, Daryl. Daryl was a former plant manager for Valor and longtime friend.

DerekBoarman2 DerekBoarman3 DerekBoarman4



New 5000 gallon DEF trailer on the road!

5749Aug 2013 – Valor has just added a 5000 gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid trailer to it’s fleet. The trailer is capable of delivering bulk or filling totes. As you can see it is an all stainless truck with a diesel powered generator, optional air offloading, full airride suspension, and stainless pump. When you decide to go with our Blue Sky Heartlands DEF it will be delivered and handled with equipment that is built specifically for it. As it reads on the side the product is “Manufactured, Packaged, and Delivered by your neighbors” so support the tristate area. Contact us today to learn more about our DEF options for your business.




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Valor Oil launches new website!

Aug 2013 – Valor has done a major revamp of it’s website. Make sure to browse the site to learn all about who Valor Oil is. We have also launched a new “Customer Portal” which customers can access pertinent information through 24/7.

Coming soon…..MSDS sheets, employment applications, customer applications, and other essential customer forms.

Thank you for your continued support!

Mobile Fueling Services

Nov 2012 – Valor has created a program called Mobile Fueling Station. Your company can call Valor and have a tank dropped off at your facility for any length of time. While the tank is on your site we will use a wireless monitor to make sure that you don’t run out of product. Our goal is to manage your fuel so you can concentrate on your business.

Blue Sky DEF Plant Built

Blue Sky and Valor Oil Partner to Form Blue Sky Heartlands

New Owensboro, Ky., Facility to Serve as Midwest Production and Distribution Center to Meet Growing Demand for Blue Sky Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

CARTERET, N.J. (February 9, 2012) –  Prime Lube Inc., the parent company of Blue Sky East LLC, announced that Blue Sky has formed a strategic partnership with Valor Oil of Owensboro, Ky., to become the Midwest manufacturer and supplier of Blue Sky Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF).

This joint venture will be named Blue Sky Heartlands, and will begin production of DEF at a new 16,000-square-foot plant in Owensboro in February 2012. The plant will produce approximately 3.5 million gallons of DEF per year and will expand to meet growing demand for its use in diesel-

powered engines, including tractor trailers, pickup trucks, passenger cars, agricultural and construction equipment, and marine
vessels and trains. Blue Sky Heartlands will deliver DEF to distribution locations in a seven-state area that comprises Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia.

“We’re excited about our association with Valor Oil, a diversified and progressive petroleum supplier, and the expansion of our supply and distribution of Blue Sky DEF to customers in the Midwest,” said Robert Arbasetti, COO of Prime Lube. “With DEF now mandated by the EPA to control diesel emissions, the availability of Blue Sky DEF to Midwest customers allows them to stay compliant, while benefitting from a high-quality, low-cost, easy-to-use solution to keep engines running their best.”

Owensboro-based  Valor Oil is a full-line petroleum distributor that provides services and products to retail, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors in Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois and Southern Indiana. The company also blends and supplies racing fuel nationwide.

“Valor Oil has always been a leader in offering safer and cleaner fuel alternatives, including biodiesel products,” said Gary Emmick, CEO of Emmick Oil, parent company of Valor Oil. “With our new partnership and the creation of Blue Sky Heartlands, we will be able to offer customers the environmental and performance benefits of Blue Sky DEF. In addition, by creating new jobs, Blue Sky Heartlands will contribute to the economic development of Owensboro and the surrounding communities.”

The Owensboro plant is the second Blue Sky facility in the U.S. and the first in the Midwest region. The strategic location will help further reduce greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing the distance required for delivery to local distributors in Blue Sky Heartlands’ seven-state area. Lower transportation costs will also result in a significant price advantage for Midwest distributors and their customers.

Blue Sky Heartlands’ full-service distribution and handling capacity will include its own fleet of trucks for delivery, as well as the capability to provide customers with dispensing equipment, storage tanks and other handling equipment required for DEF.

Regarding EPA compliance, all diesel-powered passenger and commercial vehicles produced after January 1, 2010, are required to meet new, lower nitrous oxide emission standards. DEF, in conjunction with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, is the most effective and safest means that commercial and private owner I operators can meet the required U.S. EPA mandate. DEF is also mandated in Canada.

Blue Sky DEF is ISO and API approved to help neutralize the nitrous oxide emissions generated through diesel exhaust. In its most basic form, DEF is a blend of urea (derived from natural gas) and deionized water that combine to form ammonia, which turns nitrous oxide emissions into harmless water vapor and elemental nitrogen. It can also improve fuel economy up to eight percent.

On March 28, 2012, a grand opening ceremony will be held for the new Blue Sky

Heartlands facility in Owensboro. The event will include a ribbon cutting featuring local government officials and Blue Sky and Valor Oil representatives, tours of the plant, and fleet trucks and equipment on display. In addition to media representatives and guests, the public is invited to attend.

New Race Facility

Valor Oil has been the sole blender of Renegade and Monster Racing Fuels for over 10 years now. We thank all of our customers who have taken us from a small reseller to a large blender creating our own fuels from base products.

In 2011 Valor made a commitment to make a large financial investment in the largest race fuel blending facilities in the region. Valor now ships this product to all 4 corners of the U.S. and internationally.

The new facility enables us to offer custom blends, control costs, and employ more local citizens. We now offer everything from 5 gal pails to rail cars of our products. We can also custom blend private labels for your company.